Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid strikes

The strange feel that creeps
When someone you adore leaps
Suddenly out of the blue
And doesn't even look at you
Leaves you hot and cross
Makes you go for a toss
Curses you have never known
Escape leaving behind a frown
And just when you look the ugliest
Like a farmer who's discovered a pest
Just then turns the blessed soul
With a "sorry I was on the phone"
And flashes the loveliest of smiles
That'll make your heart run miles
The brain just can't match pace
So the ugly look is still on the face
The only way you could turn it well
Is by claiming you were under a spell
That breaks when a frog-turned-prince
Stops by to catch a glimpse
And when you muster all that wit...
All the blessed soul does is blink !
And you get back to the quest in vain
For someone with a little more brains :P
Or like the wise .... ahem, save all your charm