Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Behold if you are from foreign lands
When you step on Indian sands
It is best you know what awaits you
From an insider who speaks only the truth ;-)
The reason for you to come
Could be travel, work or fun
Whatever the reason might be
The other two are offered free!
Not exactly, if there are conmen on the way..
..But you can retaliate in their language -
Which is not easy all said and done
With quite a few you'll have to learn..
But you'll find people ready to help
Coming to your rescue on the slightest yelp
But if you are not a one for crowds
You must escape to nature's abode
The mountains, rivers and the forests
Will give your eyes no time to rest
And after that long, tiring journey
When you realize you are hungry
You must taste every variety of food
Else coming here would be no good
Only you might want to go low on spice
Unless you want to turn red in a trice
Colours .. oh! you'll find aplenty
In skins, cultures and nature's bounty
The latter due to the many seasons -
Diversity, yet again, finds a reason.
But then the place will grow on you
And you'll feel you belong, no matter how new
You'll know what I mean if you'll stay
With a native of this land even for a day
Here I take your leave ;)
Any more you mightn't believe !