Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take a bow

One moment there's utter nervousness and the next, complete submission. Before the tick of a second you are in the dark and after, you stand to face the world. The air bounces from a hostile chill to the rhythm of a well known harmony. Fear slips aside so like the curtains that separate life and what is larger than life.

When you feel the heart throbbing willingly to obey the music, no matter who else is judging, you know you have given in. You know you can't go wrong. So true is the call that every inch of you suspends any hesitance; finding a unknown confidence even in the surrender - predicting, responding, making it your own. What would the world be without such an expression of moods? An expression that makes beautiful each of them - anger, joy, grief, love. Perhaps the only ever that leaves you happy in the end. The only that challenges every iota in you to culminate in a beautiful you, a better you, a fulfilled you. No matter what age, colour, size or shape, if there is one thing that lures all alike, offers even a spark of limelight, and pride even in the most hapless soul; it is - no points for guessing - DANCE.

What would we be without this creation, this assortment of magic from thin air, from a state of nothingness back to that, only leaving behind a memory that can make a beggar feel like a king? Three cheers to this comon man's champagne for lifting spirits :P... for making life easier.. for letting be when there is no more purpose. For reminding you what you so carelessly forget - only you can be you.

The song of liberation -