Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We all feel this way?

For you I say this
For you alone
That I can hardly live
When you aren't home

I forgo food and sleep
Thinking of you all day
Hoping you might turn up
If I just look there

You are bad for me
What they say is true
Yet I would happily
Trade the world for you

On the baker's shelf
You sit like a loser
You merciless dark chocolate
Can't you come any closer?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Castro Street

Sunday noon sun shines down
On a beautiful summer day
Festive air and crackling ground
Setting stage for a celebration rare
All roads lead to Mountain view downtown
If you asked they'd say Castro street
Feet big and small march together, alone
To the festival where vehicles can't reach

Fish tacos, popcorn and chips
Invite folks from their own kitchens
Beer and wine for all to sip
So the stride long is easily taken

Stall after stall as in an Arabian market
Paintings in glass, pieces of jewellery
Sparkling pottery, rich carpets
Like wake of some genie's revelry

Endless vendors try and lure
Some admire vintage cars
Swinging rings and balloons blur
The party of the year for far