Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plow and Hearth - "Customer is nothing"

Once upon a day
I was shopping at this place
All green and orange it looked
Had exotic items too

New home that I had moved into
Had windows from floor to roof
Having lived awhile through snickers and stares
It pounced upon me to shop for drapes

Now this place I stopped at to shop
Was easy, great views and all
So I clicked on some curtains and valance
And they offered me discount on my balance!

I log off, wait for the stuff to arrive
It showed up as promised and I dive
Into the package to uncover a poor copy
Of the glamorous pictures online that stopped me

With sunken heart I yet lay them out
And what must stare at me rude and loud
A pair of swags with the dull drapes
Where I wanted valance in its place!

I promptly return them and wait for a refund
But when its short its no fun
So I call them and find out
They charged me for the discount!!

Who does that in today's world??!
Of the Amazons and the Zappos
Well one agnostic company for a start
That hides behind the name "Plow and Hearth"

The story continues as I try to write
A review to warn fellow shoppers tight
But guess what the only way
Is to write on some arbitrary page

Called 'Dave's Garden' where they stow
Away all negative feedback on Plow..
Leaving only self praise
To ever show up on their own web page...