Thursday, October 14, 2010


Out of my sight
Far beyond my reach
Looms in my mind
beckoning me to unleash

A dream-the dream of a young heart
There for as long as I remember
Defeated oft, back with a new start
to find the same end as ever

Just an idea, a thought
surviving the worst in me
Neither planted nor sought
stands guard my integrity

Hear, follow, keep it burning
There is no other way
When I walk far without returning
It shall still stay in its place

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Michigan turning a new leaf

It has been a year of toil and bitterness and khali pet. An all engulfing cold that entered deeper that it should. A nightmare even when deprived of sleep. They say company defines a place. Here it wasn't quite like that. The only company you saw day in and day out was the people who you were a team with. The hang out was one of the CAEN labs in EECS building. We lived-in together, got high on fixing bugs, proposed only project plans and did it over and over. The fact that I came out with more pounds than I ever ate can only be attributed to our dear vending machine that spit out pastries and coke. I say dear because even on the gigantic campus of a world-class university only vending machines served you anything after midnight. There would be times when I walked back home alone at 4 am pulling myself in the ankle-deep snow with only a jacket sometimes. It would seem scary if I for once stopped thinking about the design problem and saw where I was going. I couldnt dare to think of a world after. It stretched forever. Was there any salvation?
Seems like there was. It came in many ways. Two recognition awards for killing ourselves in the projects was one. Another was being swept off my feet to a dream summer for internship. The third was what lay in store when I came back.
Another semester at school. With the freedom to choose the courses I want there seems to be a ray of light. Even the approaching winter it feels like a warm place when I am doing theatre and dance. I dont believe I want to stay on in this place I called "God - forsaken" ;) Thats what following one's heart translates to I guess. I am glad I followed mine.