Sunday, March 28, 2010

To sir, with .... :)

Like silver lining in a cloud
You showed up out of BLUE

Turning something I dread
to what I can endure

Your power subdues all noise,
a spike here and a glitch there -
so easily you leak them away
and make it seem all fair.

Everything falls in place
When I hear from your mouth,
Accolades and honours have passed
Yet there is no sign of wear out :)

I cant help smile as you go on
oh yes, about process variation
No wonder you are good at it,
I can sense that in my system ;)

I care not about threatening glares
When I vote for you to go on
Sometimes the only hand up
That you so adoringly reckon

But for your charm and wit,
it would all go for a toss
Anybody else would have made it
a mere VLSI class ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring... finally..!

The chill recedes little by little
Still hard to know, its so subtle
The 'fair' world that was
Turns over a new leaf..

Fingers turn back alive
In the dead of the night
You wonder suddenly
why you care less for coffee

People step out
Healthy joggers or stout
Kids come out of nowhere
Happy to be on their feet

Ducks fly back to melted lakes
Squirrels jump out from their hiding place
The sun flashes an endless smile
And you realize it is spring indeed!