Friday, September 13, 2013


There it is going down
all colour slowly fading out
voices of the world are loud
but not one to care about

Time and tide before its eyes,
people to watch and anticipate..
a long while it has tried
alas no purpose it finds to stay

How long can it burn alone
to shed light for a few others
eaten away till its bone
now it ceases to bother

It has set, weighed down by salt water
what difference be it if tear or ocean?
those it burned for move on faster
it stays unsought, the lonely one

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Each one to his own

I try to run after him and he slips by
He seems away, then I find him by my side
When I look away, so does he
But when I lean in, he reaches for me

I may be called a hundred things
For chasing that to which I cling
No doubts, I have been asked to let go
But the one who never gave up, ask what he knows

Seems pretty dark, but it is so
nevertheless, my pursuit is not low
for some it is dreams, for others a love
for me it is my shadow that I cant think above

Monday, June 3, 2013

An affair to remember

There goes my train
puffing smoke that fogs the sight
that has already been blurred with tears
and I can only hear the urgency in the whistle

I know it wont wait for me
nor will it remember I travelled along
leaving a trace with every stroke of hand
as it chugged with my mind like it could listen

windows pass by like frames of a camera
showing glimpses of each memory
familiar sounds and smells will stay
for time and again to glisten

I got in an aimless wanderer
found my anchor in there
it has to offload me now
and again I am without a mission

Every night in bed henceforth
I will feel the cradling if I sleep
Life is but standstill without
that'll be the only rhyme and reason

Friday, May 24, 2013

As it rolls

There is supposed to be meaning
to everything that happens to us
it sure must be in a foreign tongue
or it mustn't be a good thing to trust

We are supposed to agree on hindsight
smile back on the broken pieces
and see how they still led here
but what if time freezes?

Life is meant to be a book
with many many chapters
while many make good reads
some also end up in tatters

Is that what we must get
that life is an outcome of chance..
uncertainty the only sure thing
and pointless, the best laid plans.

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's my life!

I quit my job , oh brother I did !
The one that sapped all the life outta me,
walked out in the sun like I always wished
without a worry or a penny

Voices of friends lingered from work
doubts, questions, concern for my act
but  boy, I didn't miss staying in the lurk
of pressing issues and facts

A lifestyle bought by dollars
may have been hard to beat
but freedom from the stifling collar
felt like rising up Broadway Street

Behind my gates lay in wait
only a handful of ideas and will
but never had life in its wake
promised this meat in a kill

No lure of success or fear of defeat -
only the lookout for a new path
I drive, I decide who else to seat
and it'll be some journey, no matter what!