Monday, June 28, 2010

Finding Neverland

Little had I foreseen such a day
across seas in unknown land
crippled by work, deprived of play
time slipping by like grains of sand
removed from kin, estranged from friends
blessed, yet not, in undying love
spirit shaken, unwilling to bend
ghost-like.. struggling to rise above

Losing oneself, losing the mind
little else to lose made let go
give in to new "friends" in time
and set out on a journey for more
arriving clueless on new shores
in the land of dreams, the wonderland
in a city of angels, magic galore
as if just touched with a wand
that colour infused pale cheeks
sparks lit up in sleepy eyes
alive first time in several weeks
yearning again for just one slice
knew in a second purpose and passion
beyond pressures, pretence and prayer
feeling the elusive love and vision
clear as a ghost, fresh as fear

demons dead, angels overhead
was it just that? neverland?
not there to touch, feel or tread
only a trace of life left behind