Sunday, May 17, 2009

A night to remember ;-)

A boy of five, was I
'twas the best of summer time,
Away from the evil school
My hols were going just fine :)

This day I sauntered into the house
Smelly and hungry like a fat mouse
When mommy turned and flashed her smile
"Darling, you'll be on your own tonight"
There was this important late night party
that she had to go to with daddy
I was brave and old enough, wasn't I ?
and it was only a few hours' time.

I smiled to myself bubbling with thoughts
Of what all I could do and what not !
Here at last was my share of freedom..
Oh, how I would boast to my friends at dawn !!

No sooner did they turn their back on me
I rushed to the refrigerator in glee,
stuffing myself with forbidden goodies,
scheming my next action already...
Dad's room had this mammoth bath tub
The only time I'd used it, it badly needed a scrub :P
But here it was bouncing happily at my plan,
God only knows for how long I swam !
Exhausted at last, I stretched on the hammock
In mom's balcony, we dangerously rocked,
picturing the stories I would tell my friends,
smiling away at my unforeseen luck...
And lo! he stepped into my sight,
creeping towards me, dark as the night;
I screamed in terror as he approached,
helpless as I was as I swung to and fro.
The most feared enemy of us all -
he blocked my way into the hall
I couldn't stop my hammock, blow,
the only other way was the 3 floors' fall !!
I tasted my tears trickling down,
all my heroics swiftly drowned..
I must have been screaming really loud,
or I 'd have heard my parents back in the house.

My dear brave mother came to the rescue -
producing a broom from out of the blue,
she banged on the spider until he was dead...
and took me in her arms while my dad shook his head.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I just (re)called to say…

Infineon turns a grand old ten
Dating back (no pun) I was in school then!
Nevertheless since I have been here
There is many a reason to have no fear
The super power it is - is one
No matter if it reduces it some
To appease the energy tight market
Shrinking as it grows instead.
“Never stop shrinking??!”
Generally generous – number two
The money we make is good & true
Though we love to whine and curse
We sure can have a good fat purse

Perks to iron out our lives – three
How I love flaunting them, gee
Food, WFH, refunds galore
Even if we can do with some more ;)

Talk of travel – that’s a big four
With heavenly places on Earth to explore..
Haven’t most of us had that chance?
A sumptuous stay or a fleeting glance..?
EMF, centre stage – is high-five ;)
For trying to keep us all alive!
Amidst stressful work weeks
They gel fun with surprising ease
No ugly scandals – and that’s a six!
You see; ghosts and employees aren’t mixed
Though with some, you can’t tell one from the other: P
They aren’t a matter of national bother.
7, 8
Hmmm seven and eight ???
Better there than late -
I say it is TT and the games
Without which we’d go insane.
“Networking” I’ll say comes at nine
Count “in-house couples” and you’ll take time ;)
Lonely souls who wouldn’t have met..
But for…, hey no points for that guess !

Last, not least, at a staggering ten
Kudos to the spirit of our women and men
Who make pieces of a grand jigsaw
No puzzle, Infineon inspires awe.