Monday, November 23, 2009


Miles away and across seas
I look through my window, longing to see
The familiar rustle of the peepul tree
That has grown old with me

Just as I strain my eyes
To look yet for the lanes
That I've painfully left behind
Hoping to go back to again

The 'cool' joint, golas and guppe
CCD's strawberry frappe....
To one I owe the spice in me
To the other, my meethi baatein ;)

The 8th mile was my fave abode..
As much as comm street and MGs
So was south end, away from crowds
Into tenderly sprawling trees

I miss your rains.. long rides on my bike..
Rushing in the last hour for movie tickets..
Where I am is still a quiet life
But there was calm in your busiest markets

Pandora's box, that's what you are
With so much tucked in your kitty
I would only play down your charm
If I called you a mere city

I'd rather say a mother
You've raised me like my other
Through sunny days, in wind and gale
That I can love you no lesser

Can't imagine being anywhere else
The thought of you rings a thousand bells
My book of memories closed for now
Stay put,
I'll return,
your's in love :)