Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grimm Tale [Temptations]

The lights go out. Mary Cole shouts "places". Matt turns the music on. Lights on. A pair of limbs sneak out of the wing. Then the rest of the little girl. She seems to be from pre-historic Germany and is seen amusing herself with a shirt. Enter a boy about the same age, looking for something. He takes his shirt, they see each other. Years pass by and the two are seen having the time of their life. Building sand castles..studying together.. stealing their first cigarette..playing cricket.. getting drunk.. dancing in the rain.. A sweeper passes, in a twitched hat, sweeping the stage in front of them from left to right.

Next scene: Boy and girl look hungry and in search of something.They split as they are looking and go different ways on stage. At different instants of time they find separately what they seem to be looking for. A look of greed and filling dawns on them and they exit on opposite sides of the stage, reaching for it.

Next scene: They are both seen bound, entangled, struggling to free themselves. Minutes of struggle after, the "sweeper" passes by again from the right to left. A huge trash-can occupies the left of the stage. Boy and girl appear to scream for help. Sweeper is unaffected, comes to the can, looks at them, then at the audience. Flashes a wicked toothless smile, picks broom, thrusts it in the can upside down, and starts mixing. Lights go out.

Next scene: Stage is clear. Only boy and girl still struggling to be free. No bounds this time. Lights snap out.

Next scene: Stage clear. A video pops up on the left of the screen downstage. Irregularly torn snaps of their happy times flash up and zoom out to lie on a winding road, one after another. On the right side of the screen a video starts halfway through the first. It shows ropes falling down in circles.

Will they pick crumbs of happy memories and head back home...? Will they continue to be bound...?

Lights fade out.